Packaging Critique



Intro: The packages above and  combine characteristics of Chinese/Japanese packaging & of  western design. The audience can see the Asian influence while not finding the packaging out of place.

About the design: These cookie packages for BISC8ITO were designed by Hugo Silva and Catarina Antunes of Portugal-based Soma Design Studio. The designers state that these customized biscuit boxes were inspired by Asian packaging design. They used a few recognizable aesthetics often used in asian, more specifically Chinese and Japanese packaging design. Please view the image found here :

Positive:  The use of human faces or cartoons used on the front of these packages are very unique and make the package more eye catching to the audience .The use of different facial expressions on each box is very playful & creative. They have also used the  trait of Asian packaging which is the  use of bold and cluttered color. I also feel that it package is very easy to interact with Eg – you can place you food easily in the package & it looks reusable. The colors used are very modern and Asian inspired.  colors change  from package to package which is very creative. Rather than having one design and one color the designer has created many designs and many colors to match the emotion of each face and character  on each package. I think this is a bold movie by the designer and it works very well. By doing this is makes it more fun for the audience when buying this product because of the different characters and faces they will find on each package. I feel that the age group that this package is aimed at is younger children and teens because of the playfulness and characters featured it may appeal more to children.The  type text is and feel is very appropriate to the tone. its pretty obvious from the text used that this is a Japanese inspired package and i feel that designer has achieved  in their goal of creating a type text to show Japanese/Asian culture in the design . I also feel that the boxes resemble  the typical Chinese or Japanese take out containers that we are all familiar with.

Negative: Most of the female character designs are not that different from once another would have been more creative  to see different female hairstyles as the  men character designs have much more variety in their features.  I feel that the text is not placed in the correct place within the package design. i think it would have been more effective and readable if the text was placed horizontal rather then vertical. the bar- code would have been more classy if it was placed on the back rather then the side it looks a bit messy and doesn’t suit the design. Patterns and colors some i feel don’t work too well together and don’t blend well in the design.

Changes :  In this design i would change where the text is placed and would have placed it horizontally rather then vertical i feel that it would be more appealing to the audience and more readable. Patterns are  plain and simple with circles and squares with ordinarily colors nothing really stands out here would have been more creative if they had a variety of patterns and colors.

Conclusion: I feel that the  designer has succeeded in the the creative brief and goal of the designer. The colors and shapes blend very well on certain packages of this design, the design has obviously had inspiration from Japaneses and Asian culture . The colors are modern and simple but very effective to the audience. The cartoon faces on the package are also very effective to the package design. Most of the layout works besides the place of the text other than that its a very creative and unique & playful  package design.