Bi-Weekly Critique : Phone App

Phone App Critique

Spendee is an awesome new app for managing your personal finances on the go. It gives you the power of unique data analysis in an adaptable environment that automatically and thoroughly analyzes your income and expenses, giving you intelligent advice on how to make the most of your money.

Positive: when i first  looked  at this app the first thing i notice is how simple it is but i think that this is actually a positive  feature rather then negative. The app is beautifully designed with a sleek simple layout and the  user interface looks  enjoyable and comfortable to use. It is Simply designed for users to press and enter in the numbers to see their money analyzed  and  features easy-to-read info graphics.  The designers and  developers have  built something unique  that  you can use in your everyday life.  The colours are also very unique and simple they have used mostly pastel colours like the pinks and the greens and reds and brown. The text font fits within the design it suits the app and even if its simple it has a great effect. The layout of the design is also very positive the way that designer has set out the week days in simple circles with a colour that highlights which day your selecting. I think this is really unique and creative because its not too over  the top which is the opposite of what this designer has gone with its  a simple design and they have achieved this with the week day layout by the use of the chosen fonts and colours . The navigation of the design is also positive the way the designer has places the info graphic in the middle of the design works really well for the user it shows the information that the users want to see in a fun and exciting way by showing illustrations in light pastel colours. I think it gives the design a very friendly look and is welcoming to the users. I love how the colours gives the design i friendly feel and vibe along with the info-graphics i feel like the designer has made this app very approachable by all users. it may feel like more of a girly app because of the colours used but i do feel that it can be used by any gender. The pink and white on the travel header works really well together because of the balance to the design. i feel like that travel text being in white with the pink background gives it a gentle and eye fetching to the user. The illustration of the plane stands out more obviously because of it being in white and the background in pink. This makes the plane stand out more along with the text travel. the user knows because of the illustration that if that’s what they are after its on that page. The little illustrations are also really cute and simple. I feel the info-graphics are placed in the right areas for the design and works to the users advantage.

Negative: The white background i find is boring even if the designer is going for a simple design i feel like something is missing from the background colour its just too plain and needs something else to make the info-graphics standout. while i do think that the font works really well i do not think that the font colour works well with the design, The fonts are too light and thin to be legible. The fonts need to be darker to be readable to some users. because of the white backgrounder colour and the colour of the grey fonts i feel like the two clash and it does not work at all. I also feel like it looks so empty they don’t have enough feature on the page they need more going on but that may be the effect of the plain white background. some of the info-graphics are plain and boring because they have made the background so simple they should have put more effect into the info-graphics even if they wanted to keep it balanced and simple i feel like more is needed in the illustration to make it more exciting to the users.

Changers : I would definitely have the background colour more exciting and not plain like white, I feel the design would look more interesting and less plain with a colour other then white. maybe black would have bought  out the text more and made the font more effective. i would also make the info=graphics illustrations a little more creative because s the background colour is so plain i feel like we need something else something more to make the design stand out to the users because of how many apps are online these days i think that even know the designer was going for  a simple design i think that its missing something and end up looking too simple.

conclusion: I feel like the designer has set out to have a simple clean layout and design which is what they have successfully done but i also feel like more could have been done to make this design app more fun and exciting to the users. Most colours used do blend well together and fit the design very well. The pastel colours work very effectively. The design gives the audience a friendly vibe and feel  i also think that its very friendly and welcoming to the users this is mostly because of the pastel colours and fonts used in the design. overall its a very simple design app but if thats what the designer is going for i do think that they have achieved what they set out to do.