Website Critique

Website Critique

This week i have chosen to write my critique on this web page from Httpster. Which  is designed, coded, and curated by Dominic Whittle & Co-curated by Tom Fitzgerald.

Positive : What drew me into this layout and web design is the creative graphics of known characters and the art style of each graphic. The top header is very creative the navigation is fun and silly shown by graphics on the header moving as you navigate across the page. as you click on each navigation the graphics move on the thumb i think that’s a great effect to the page and makes it entertaining and unique. As you slide down the page the hand moves up and down depending on which way you scroll. this is a great feature that they have added and its playful and stops the page from looking dull and boring, Another feature i noticed was the Facebook and twitter link in the top left corner. i personally think it’s a great icon to have on the page because its well-known and visitors  may be interested in these pages. as you scroll down the page the graphics are placed on the left and the text on the right, this is a great layout that the designer has chosen because it pulls the viewer into the page rather than overloading the page with text only. The different graphics popping up as you click on navigation buttons such as the apply now button on the bottom of each paragraph  is very effective this brings a unique and fun feel to the page. The footer ties the page together really well and fits perfectly with the web design with a graphic drawing featured on it really stands out and is easily seen. The different graphics tying with the text is also very effective to the eye and smart idea for the web designer.

Negative: The header color is just horrible. the bright green and white text do not work together at all. because of the text style and the green header it actually makes it hard to read the text. even the graphics look less quality because of the header color i feel that if this were changed to a more suitable color it would be much more appealing to the eye of the viewer. the five and the eye in the  header at the top is completely unless and looks unprofessional. it makes it look likes a kids site rather then what seems to be aiming towards teens. as you scroll down the background color goes to white and green text, this is another mistake by the designer i feel that green jumps out to the viewer but not in a good way its way too much color and is not subtle and clean rather it looks messy and vibrant, the text on the flooder is way too simple and looks unprofessional as well.

Changers: The changes that i would make would have to firstly be to the header  color . The green is horrible i would defiantly  change it to another color that is not so vibrant and bright. the text is also another feature of the page that i would change, the green and white do not mix well together at all . I would change this to two others colors that actually work well together and suit the page and graphics. The navigation was tasteful and creative and bought across what type of site and audience would have been viewing this page.

Conclusion: I feel that this website was well designed but colors should have been chosen more carefully and they should not have been so vibrant and bright, rather they should have had a more readable and calm color. The graphics were really unique and fun and silly which made the site look more like a teens site rather than adults. The layout of the page was very easy to read and great navigation, the fact that it had moving graphics on one side and text on another is really smart way to set out their page because it may make it easier for the reader to match up what they are reading with the image placed next to it. octaveoctave-1168x736


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