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Baby Beef Jardim: Costume Party, Little Red

Riding Hood

This print advisement caught my eye as soon as i saw it the colours illustration and text make this illustration fun and playful for viewers. This print advisement was created by  artist Patricia Aroeira who is  an Artist  currently living in Sorocaba. she has been doing  Illustration  and digital  art for work for 5 years and specialize in creating characters, concept art and illustration for games, books,  and much more.

The design for this print advisement and playful  fun. I love what they have done by creating their own interpretation of little red riding hood into the design.  The character design is clever and symbolizes characters in the story like the big bad  wolf. I love how they have kept her red hood  i feel that if a viewer did not read the title of this design the red hood would be the first design feature that actually symbolizes little red riding hood. that and that she is wearing a wolf costume, I feel like this advisement  layout is  classy and is very clean and simple. The text fits perfectly into the design and stands out to the viewer very clearly because of how thick the text is i feel like it jumps out to the audience much more then if it were thinner .The text also is a great choice from the designer it makes the design look fun and exciting because of the curves it gives the designer a smooth transition when viewing. I feel like the design also tells a story to the viewers giving them an idea what that kind of costumes or characters may be at this event.  I also feel like the Negative space has been used great in this design. The character and text all suits being placed in the middle of the poster rather then having the character and text in different placed. I also love the hats that the designer has added to the poster. Its fun and playful it also fits perfectly with the text and gives the viewer the idea that this is going to be a fun and exciting party because of the way she has designed the text with these illustrations. Another feature i love about this design is the background colour and design. I feel like these two colours blend perfectly together how she has chosen to go from a dark colour for the top then transition it to an orange and yellow as you move your eyes down the page. The radial background makes the character stand out from the background and this makes her the first thing you see when looking at the design. The colour choice of the text works very well for the design because of the background the white text stands out to the viewer which is what i think the designer has aimed to do.

One thing i dislike about this design is what text font she used for the ext at the at the top of the poster. i feel like it does not compliment the other texts on her poster. I also feel like that particular text does not suit bring right at the top its too close to the top of the poster. The first text featured on the poster is way too small i can barley read it i feel like this text should have been placed somewhere else on this poster like the bottom right or left . I also feel like it looks odd how she has gone from having small text to huge text then back to small again but she has probably  done this because the smaller text has information that is not as important as the text that is smaller size.

Overall the design is fun and playful and gets the message across to the audience. The text stands out and i think this is most important because it has information that people will need and want to know. The illustration is detailed and colors and shapes are used perfectly. character design is creative and fun . The interpretation of little red riding hood is creative and fresh and shows a different image to little red riding hood. The background colors blend very well together and the radial background  makes the characters stand out to the viewer which is what i think the designer has aimed to do .