Critique Identity


This adorable illustration is a logo by atomicvibe an illustration artist you can view more of their work here This logo was designed for a client called sweet toof bakery. The  logo is  for a family-operated, Singaporean bakery specializing in producing handcrafted, artisan baked goods and pastries that use only the freshest ingredients and no preservatives.

I feel like this design has a very young funky modern feel to it. The illusteation and text and very playful with a slight feminine appeal to it. The illustration of the tooth is very appealing to me and i feel like this is the focus point of the design, this being said i feel that this is what would make a customer want to actually go into the store, The pastel colors mix very well together, the baby baby blue and light pink make the illustration stand out to the viewer even tho the colors used are simple they are very effective and make the image stand out to the viewer. The  illustration around the circle just gives the design a more unique look to it , The patterns placed around the circle suits the illustration very well. These patterns of circles and dots keep the pattern clean and simple, this makes the illustration of the tooth and cherry actually stand out a lot more to the viewer by having a simple pattern around the image and gives the design a very elegant and fun look. The outline on the left side of the tooth illustration make it look more eye popping and makes the tooth stand out that little bit more. I also love the text the swirls in the text are very creative and fun this gives the design a fresh look. The text matches the illustration very well and the two fit together. I love the movement of this design the text starting from the left then down to the word bakery then up to the word toof i feel that this makes the design interesting. The font choice and the size that they have used for the text fits with the illustration very well.

The only part about this design that i don’t feel works is where the word bakery is placed. Having it down the bottom could possibly make the viewer skip this word because of where its placed and the font choice size. This actually happened to me when i first read this logo i only saw the word sweet and toof not bakery. The text bakery is way too thin and does not match up with the rest of the text.

if i could change something about this design it would have to be the word bakery i would have made the text been placed somewhere more noticeable in this logo. perhaps in the circle itself. i would also have matched up the text bakery with the same font as sweet and toof, this would have made them all group together rather then bakery being in a different font and looking odd.

I feel like this logo  delivers a exploration of a sweet tooth, and its hand-lettered type, pastel color scheme, make the design and illustration fun and exciting, The colors are used perfectly and most text suits the design very well. The audience may feel that the  design gives off a feminine vibe but i think that’s what the client was after.