Gig/Band/Festival Poster Critique


This is a poster  that was designed by Ivan Minsloff 

I really love this design it stood out from the rest of the posters from the site because of its illustration and color choice. I really feel like colors that the artist has chosen make the poster come to life. The pink, green, white & black blend really well together and gives the  poster a fun and youthful look to it. I feel like this poster would be really appealing to the audience and can be inviting for both male and female audiences even tho pink is used quite a lot it still appeals to both genders. I really love how that artist has designed the poster to look like a game arcade you can see some gaming features around the girls head. I find this really creative and fun if the artist wanted this could be a way of displaying what games are happening are the event.I also really love the text that the artist has used the font style really suits the illustration it ties it all together. The  font color of the font is also really inviting to the audience the green blends with  the rest of the illustration. The illustration of the girl is really creative and funky. I feel like this is the focus point of the design, I feel like the design forces  you to start at the top of the page and make you way down to the bottom. this is a really creative idea by the designer because of this it gives the audience a chance to look at the entire design because of how the illustration is set out. when i first looked at the design my eyes started from he top and then down to the bottom i really like how the designer has set this out very creative and appealing.

The only thing i don’t like about this design is the text down the bottom. i really feel like the poster didn’t even need this poster  it looks a bit out of place to me. The font i don’t think it matches the illustration. would have been nicer to see a font with a but more effect and depth like the main text.

What i would have changed would have been to not have the text featured down the bottom in fact to not have it at all. I feel like the design would have been just fine with the main text in the middle and the pink text down the bottom is a bit boring compared to the other font used.

I think  that this design is that its such an fun and exciting design. its elements are really appealing to the audience and  it stood out from all the rest from the site. The colors blend so perfectly together and the illustration it self is really creative. The idea of how its showing actual game elements is fun and get the message across. It could be a gaming event poster or just a fun poster but it think its so unique and likable to all audiences.


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