Gig/Band/Festival Poster Critique


This is a poster  that was designed by Ivan Minsloff 

I really love this design it stood out from the rest of the posters from the site because of its illustration and color choice. I really feel like colors that the artist has chosen make the poster come to life. The pink, green, white & black blend really well together and gives the  poster a fun and youthful look to it. I feel like this poster would be really appealing to the audience and can be inviting for both male and female audiences even tho pink is used quite a lot it still appeals to both genders. I really love how that artist has designed the poster to look like a game arcade you can see some gaming features around the girls head. I find this really creative and fun if the artist wanted this could be a way of displaying what games are happening are the event.I also really love the text that the artist has used the font style really suits the illustration it ties it all together. The  font color of the font is also really inviting to the audience the green blends with  the rest of the illustration. The illustration of the girl is really creative and funky. I feel like this is the focus point of the design, I feel like the design forces  you to start at the top of the page and make you way down to the bottom. this is a really creative idea by the designer because of this it gives the audience a chance to look at the entire design because of how the illustration is set out. when i first looked at the design my eyes started from he top and then down to the bottom i really like how the designer has set this out very creative and appealing.

The only thing i don’t like about this design is the text down the bottom. i really feel like the poster didn’t even need this poster  it looks a bit out of place to me. The font i don’t think it matches the illustration. would have been nicer to see a font with a but more effect and depth like the main text.

What i would have changed would have been to not have the text featured down the bottom in fact to not have it at all. I feel like the design would have been just fine with the main text in the middle and the pink text down the bottom is a bit boring compared to the other font used.

I think  that this design is that its such an fun and exciting design. its elements are really appealing to the audience and  it stood out from all the rest from the site. The colors blend so perfectly together and the illustration it self is really creative. The idea of how its showing actual game elements is fun and get the message across. It could be a gaming event poster or just a fun poster but it think its so unique and likable to all audiences.


Critique Identity


This adorable illustration is a logo by atomicvibe an illustration artist you can view more of their work here This logo was designed for a client called sweet toof bakery. The  logo is  for a family-operated, Singaporean bakery specializing in producing handcrafted, artisan baked goods and pastries that use only the freshest ingredients and no preservatives.

I feel like this design has a very young funky modern feel to it. The illusteation and text and very playful with a slight feminine appeal to it. The illustration of the tooth is very appealing to me and i feel like this is the focus point of the design, this being said i feel that this is what would make a customer want to actually go into the store, The pastel colors mix very well together, the baby baby blue and light pink make the illustration stand out to the viewer even tho the colors used are simple they are very effective and make the image stand out to the viewer. The  illustration around the circle just gives the design a more unique look to it , The patterns placed around the circle suits the illustration very well. These patterns of circles and dots keep the pattern clean and simple, this makes the illustration of the tooth and cherry actually stand out a lot more to the viewer by having a simple pattern around the image and gives the design a very elegant and fun look. The outline on the left side of the tooth illustration make it look more eye popping and makes the tooth stand out that little bit more. I also love the text the swirls in the text are very creative and fun this gives the design a fresh look. The text matches the illustration very well and the two fit together. I love the movement of this design the text starting from the left then down to the word bakery then up to the word toof i feel that this makes the design interesting. The font choice and the size that they have used for the text fits with the illustration very well.

The only part about this design that i don’t feel works is where the word bakery is placed. Having it down the bottom could possibly make the viewer skip this word because of where its placed and the font choice size. This actually happened to me when i first read this logo i only saw the word sweet and toof not bakery. The text bakery is way too thin and does not match up with the rest of the text.

if i could change something about this design it would have to be the word bakery i would have made the text been placed somewhere more noticeable in this logo. perhaps in the circle itself. i would also have matched up the text bakery with the same font as sweet and toof, this would have made them all group together rather then bakery being in a different font and looking odd.

I feel like this logo  delivers a exploration of a sweet tooth, and its hand-lettered type, pastel color scheme, make the design and illustration fun and exciting, The colors are used perfectly and most text suits the design very well. The audience may feel that the  design gives off a feminine vibe but i think that’s what the client was after.




Print Advertisement

Baby Beef Jardim: Costume Party, Little Red

Riding Hood

This print advisement caught my eye as soon as i saw it the colours illustration and text make this illustration fun and playful for viewers. This print advisement was created by  artist Patricia Aroeira who is  an Artist  currently living in Sorocaba. she has been doing  Illustration  and digital  art for work for 5 years and specialize in creating characters, concept art and illustration for games, books,  and much more.

The design for this print advisement and playful  fun. I love what they have done by creating their own interpretation of little red riding hood into the design.  The character design is clever and symbolizes characters in the story like the big bad  wolf. I love how they have kept her red hood  i feel that if a viewer did not read the title of this design the red hood would be the first design feature that actually symbolizes little red riding hood. that and that she is wearing a wolf costume, I feel like this advisement  layout is  classy and is very clean and simple. The text fits perfectly into the design and stands out to the viewer very clearly because of how thick the text is i feel like it jumps out to the audience much more then if it were thinner .The text also is a great choice from the designer it makes the design look fun and exciting because of the curves it gives the designer a smooth transition when viewing. I feel like the design also tells a story to the viewers giving them an idea what that kind of costumes or characters may be at this event.  I also feel like the Negative space has been used great in this design. The character and text all suits being placed in the middle of the poster rather then having the character and text in different placed. I also love the hats that the designer has added to the poster. Its fun and playful it also fits perfectly with the text and gives the viewer the idea that this is going to be a fun and exciting party because of the way she has designed the text with these illustrations. Another feature i love about this design is the background colour and design. I feel like these two colours blend perfectly together how she has chosen to go from a dark colour for the top then transition it to an orange and yellow as you move your eyes down the page. The radial background makes the character stand out from the background and this makes her the first thing you see when looking at the design. The colour choice of the text works very well for the design because of the background the white text stands out to the viewer which is what i think the designer has aimed to do.

One thing i dislike about this design is what text font she used for the ext at the at the top of the poster. i feel like it does not compliment the other texts on her poster. I also feel like that particular text does not suit bring right at the top its too close to the top of the poster. The first text featured on the poster is way too small i can barley read it i feel like this text should have been placed somewhere else on this poster like the bottom right or left . I also feel like it looks odd how she has gone from having small text to huge text then back to small again but she has probably  done this because the smaller text has information that is not as important as the text that is smaller size.

Overall the design is fun and playful and gets the message across to the audience. The text stands out and i think this is most important because it has information that people will need and want to know. The illustration is detailed and colors and shapes are used perfectly. character design is creative and fun . The interpretation of little red riding hood is creative and fresh and shows a different image to little red riding hood. The background colors blend very well together and the radial background  makes the characters stand out to the viewer which is what i think the designer has aimed to do .


Bi-Weekly Critique : Phone App

Phone App Critique

Spendee is an awesome new app for managing your personal finances on the go. It gives you the power of unique data analysis in an adaptable environment that automatically and thoroughly analyzes your income and expenses, giving you intelligent advice on how to make the most of your money.

Positive: when i first  looked  at this app the first thing i notice is how simple it is but i think that this is actually a positive  feature rather then negative. The app is beautifully designed with a sleek simple layout and the  user interface looks  enjoyable and comfortable to use. It is Simply designed for users to press and enter in the numbers to see their money analyzed  and  features easy-to-read info graphics.  The designers and  developers have  built something unique  that  you can use in your everyday life.  The colours are also very unique and simple they have used mostly pastel colours like the pinks and the greens and reds and brown. The text font fits within the design it suits the app and even if its simple it has a great effect. The layout of the design is also very positive the way that designer has set out the week days in simple circles with a colour that highlights which day your selecting. I think this is really unique and creative because its not too over  the top which is the opposite of what this designer has gone with its  a simple design and they have achieved this with the week day layout by the use of the chosen fonts and colours . The navigation of the design is also positive the way the designer has places the info graphic in the middle of the design works really well for the user it shows the information that the users want to see in a fun and exciting way by showing illustrations in light pastel colours. I think it gives the design a very friendly look and is welcoming to the users. I love how the colours gives the design i friendly feel and vibe along with the info-graphics i feel like the designer has made this app very approachable by all users. it may feel like more of a girly app because of the colours used but i do feel that it can be used by any gender. The pink and white on the travel header works really well together because of the balance to the design. i feel like that travel text being in white with the pink background gives it a gentle and eye fetching to the user. The illustration of the plane stands out more obviously because of it being in white and the background in pink. This makes the plane stand out more along with the text travel. the user knows because of the illustration that if that’s what they are after its on that page. The little illustrations are also really cute and simple. I feel the info-graphics are placed in the right areas for the design and works to the users advantage.

Negative: The white background i find is boring even if the designer is going for a simple design i feel like something is missing from the background colour its just too plain and needs something else to make the info-graphics standout. while i do think that the font works really well i do not think that the font colour works well with the design, The fonts are too light and thin to be legible. The fonts need to be darker to be readable to some users. because of the white backgrounder colour and the colour of the grey fonts i feel like the two clash and it does not work at all. I also feel like it looks so empty they don’t have enough feature on the page they need more going on but that may be the effect of the plain white background. some of the info-graphics are plain and boring because they have made the background so simple they should have put more effect into the info-graphics even if they wanted to keep it balanced and simple i feel like more is needed in the illustration to make it more exciting to the users.

Changers : I would definitely have the background colour more exciting and not plain like white, I feel the design would look more interesting and less plain with a colour other then white. maybe black would have bought  out the text more and made the font more effective. i would also make the info=graphics illustrations a little more creative because s the background colour is so plain i feel like we need something else something more to make the design stand out to the users because of how many apps are online these days i think that even know the designer was going for  a simple design i think that its missing something and end up looking too simple.

conclusion: I feel like the designer has set out to have a simple clean layout and design which is what they have successfully done but i also feel like more could have been done to make this design app more fun and exciting to the users. Most colours used do blend well together and fit the design very well. The pastel colours work very effectively. The design gives the audience a friendly vibe and feel  i also think that its very friendly and welcoming to the users this is mostly because of the pastel colours and fonts used in the design. overall its a very simple design app but if thats what the designer is going for i do think that they have achieved what they set out to do.


Website Critique

Website Critique

This week i have chosen to write my critique on this web page from Httpster. Which  is designed, coded, and curated by Dominic Whittle & Co-curated by Tom Fitzgerald.

Positive : What drew me into this layout and web design is the creative graphics of known characters and the art style of each graphic. The top header is very creative the navigation is fun and silly shown by graphics on the header moving as you navigate across the page. as you click on each navigation the graphics move on the thumb i think that’s a great effect to the page and makes it entertaining and unique. As you slide down the page the hand moves up and down depending on which way you scroll. this is a great feature that they have added and its playful and stops the page from looking dull and boring, Another feature i noticed was the Facebook and twitter link in the top left corner. i personally think it’s a great icon to have on the page because its well-known and visitors  may be interested in these pages. as you scroll down the page the graphics are placed on the left and the text on the right, this is a great layout that the designer has chosen because it pulls the viewer into the page rather than overloading the page with text only. The different graphics popping up as you click on navigation buttons such as the apply now button on the bottom of each paragraph  is very effective this brings a unique and fun feel to the page. The footer ties the page together really well and fits perfectly with the web design with a graphic drawing featured on it really stands out and is easily seen. The different graphics tying with the text is also very effective to the eye and smart idea for the web designer.

Negative: The header color is just horrible. the bright green and white text do not work together at all. because of the text style and the green header it actually makes it hard to read the text. even the graphics look less quality because of the header color i feel that if this were changed to a more suitable color it would be much more appealing to the eye of the viewer. the five and the eye in the  header at the top is completely unless and looks unprofessional. it makes it look likes a kids site rather then what seems to be aiming towards teens. as you scroll down the background color goes to white and green text, this is another mistake by the designer i feel that green jumps out to the viewer but not in a good way its way too much color and is not subtle and clean rather it looks messy and vibrant, the text on the flooder is way too simple and looks unprofessional as well.

Changers: The changes that i would make would have to firstly be to the header  color . The green is horrible i would defiantly  change it to another color that is not so vibrant and bright. the text is also another feature of the page that i would change, the green and white do not mix well together at all . I would change this to two others colors that actually work well together and suit the page and graphics. The navigation was tasteful and creative and bought across what type of site and audience would have been viewing this page.

Conclusion: I feel that this website was well designed but colors should have been chosen more carefully and they should not have been so vibrant and bright, rather they should have had a more readable and calm color. The graphics were really unique and fun and silly which made the site look more like a teens site rather than adults. The layout of the page was very easy to read and great navigation, the fact that it had moving graphics on one side and text on another is really smart way to set out their page because it may make it easier for the reader to match up what they are reading with the image placed next to it. octaveoctave-1168x736

Packaging Critique



Intro: The packages above and  combine characteristics of Chinese/Japanese packaging & of  western design. The audience can see the Asian influence while not finding the packaging out of place.

About the design: These cookie packages for BISC8ITO were designed by Hugo Silva and Catarina Antunes of Portugal-based Soma Design Studio. The designers state that these customized biscuit boxes were inspired by Asian packaging design. They used a few recognizable aesthetics often used in asian, more specifically Chinese and Japanese packaging design. Please view the image found here :

Positive:  The use of human faces or cartoons used on the front of these packages are very unique and make the package more eye catching to the audience .The use of different facial expressions on each box is very playful & creative. They have also used the  trait of Asian packaging which is the  use of bold and cluttered color. I also feel that it package is very easy to interact with Eg – you can place you food easily in the package & it looks reusable. The colors used are very modern and Asian inspired.  colors change  from package to package which is very creative. Rather than having one design and one color the designer has created many designs and many colors to match the emotion of each face and character  on each package. I think this is a bold movie by the designer and it works very well. By doing this is makes it more fun for the audience when buying this product because of the different characters and faces they will find on each package. I feel that the age group that this package is aimed at is younger children and teens because of the playfulness and characters featured it may appeal more to children.The  type text is and feel is very appropriate to the tone. its pretty obvious from the text used that this is a Japanese inspired package and i feel that designer has achieved  in their goal of creating a type text to show Japanese/Asian culture in the design . I also feel that the boxes resemble  the typical Chinese or Japanese take out containers that we are all familiar with.

Negative: Most of the female character designs are not that different from once another would have been more creative  to see different female hairstyles as the  men character designs have much more variety in their features.  I feel that the text is not placed in the correct place within the package design. i think it would have been more effective and readable if the text was placed horizontal rather then vertical. the bar- code would have been more classy if it was placed on the back rather then the side it looks a bit messy and doesn’t suit the design. Patterns and colors some i feel don’t work too well together and don’t blend well in the design.

Changes :  In this design i would change where the text is placed and would have placed it horizontally rather then vertical i feel that it would be more appealing to the audience and more readable. Patterns are  plain and simple with circles and squares with ordinarily colors nothing really stands out here would have been more creative if they had a variety of patterns and colors.

Conclusion: I feel that the  designer has succeeded in the the creative brief and goal of the designer. The colors and shapes blend very well on certain packages of this design, the design has obviously had inspiration from Japaneses and Asian culture . The colors are modern and simple but very effective to the audience. The cartoon faces on the package are also very effective to the package design. Most of the layout works besides the place of the text other than that its a very creative and unique & playful  package design.